Our Story

Hi, I’m Alison,

Senior Occupational Therapist and owner of Bursting with Potential.

I’ve worked with children and young people my whole career as well as having three little ones myself, so it only felt natural to set up a business combining my experience and passions. But it was seeing families struggling to access the help and support they needed, whilst working with families as a support worker and carer and then an OT, that really pushed me to take that leap of faith and start my own business.

…and so
Bursting with Potential was born.

I think it is incredible that we have the NHS in our country. What an amazing job all those working in it have done the last couple of years? But like any big institution, it comes with process, waiting times and restrictions.

My vision for Bursting with Potential was to help families break down those barriers and focus on what is important, your child, your young person, your family and helping them to meet their full potential.

I wanted to bring my experience and expertise to a business that could be a guiding hand to parents and a supporting friend to children and young people.

A range of services to meet a whole host of needs, delivered in different formats to suit all budgets and opportunities.

I wanted a business to be proud of, that looks at children and young people in their entirety where they feel safe, unjudged and supported, even when they are having a bad day.

So that is what I did.

Meet The Team

Alison Harrod

Occupational Therapist and Director

Katie Herlihy

Speech and Language Therapist

Sabrina Akhtar

Occupational Therapist

Linda Webster

Occupational Therapist

Vicki Tansley

Senior Occupational Therapy Assistant

Lisa Jackman

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Nisha Modhvadia

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Klaudia Stepien

Intervention Specialist (Psychology)

Sue Wyatt

Specialist Teacher

Our Mission

Our Values

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