Linda Webster

Occupational Therapist

HCPC – OT12368

Linda is a Specialised Occupational Therapist here at Bursting with Potential. She has over 15 years’ experience of working with adults and children, many with learning disabilities.

Over the last 7 years Linda has worked in a specialist school for children with ASD, many of whom had severe sensory processing challenges. Linda gained her Post Graduate Certificate in Sensory Integration in 2019 and has undertaken further training in how this affects sleep, feeding, and interoception.

In her work she has used the ‘Alert Programme’, ‘Zones of Regulation’ and Sensory Ladders, along with the ‘ Interoception Curriculum’ to help people to understand how to recognise and interpret how their body is feeling and the emotions they are experiencing and then to learn strategies to aid their regulation in everyday situations. Linda’s other passion is working with children to develop their visual motor and perceptual skills, and to teach strategies to improve their memory recall.

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