Bursting With Adventure

Bursting with Adventure is our Ofsted Registered Holiday Club, Saturday Clubs and activity groups. We believe adventure is for all and provide an inclusive SEND specific setting to provide new experiences, access to leisure activities and meet your child or young person’s needs with our experienced playworker team. 

Occupations refer to the everyday activities that people do as individuals, in families and with communities to occupy time and bring meaning and purpose to life. For children this involves play, leisure and hobbies. We underpin Bursting with Adventure with our OT knowledge to enable young people to access occupations and experience adventure in a way that is meaningful to them. 

1:1 Holiday Club

Our 1:1 Holiday Club provides respite, set activities and leisure opportunities for your child, in a 1:1 setting.

In previous 1:1 Holiday Clubs, we have been on exciting day trips to the cinema, or the swimming pool, we have cooked and baked in our HQ’s kitchen, had fun creating lots of arts and crafts projects, and explored a range of different sensory toys and activities.

The 1:1 setting means your child gets our full, undivided attention so we can give them the best experience possible. Not only will they have fun with us, but they’ll also learn new skills and develop personally throughout the process.

These sessions run throughout school holidays during the year.

Please see our Holiday Club Brochure for more information.

Group Holiday Club and Saturday Club

Our Group Holiday Club runs during school holidays throughout the year. They provide respite, set activities and leisure opportunities for your child or young person, in a group setting.

Our core aim is simply for your child to have fun and make the most out of their time off, but our Holiday club also fosters a range of benefits including improved social, communicative, and independent living skills. It gives your child not only an opportunity to have fun, but also to make new friends and develop relationships with other children.

In past years we have done cooking and baking, gone on day trips to the park and other fun places, explored the outdoors, had fun with sensory activities and toys, and even conducted our own science experiments!

Group sizes stick to a maximum of six with a 1:3 staff ratio for optimum fun and social experiences, where possible we group children by need.

Sensory Explorers

Sensory Explorers is an inclusive session for children who love to explore the world in sensory ways. These sessions are heavily focused around sensory exploration in different areas and themes. 

Some of our past themes include: ‘Were Going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Royal Tea Party’, ‘Easter’, and ‘Off to the Seaside’! We hold all of these right here at our HQ, and foster a sensory adventure for those who join us.

These sessions are a great opportunity for children, and young people with special educational needs, complex needs, or profound learning disabilities, and allow them to experience their dream sensory exploration.

Forest School

How would you like to give your little one an opportunity to come and explore nature? 

Our Forest School sessions provide new, fun, and therapeutic experiences for your child where we get them involved in den-making, campfire cooking, and other creative activities such as making bird feeders and collecting colourful leaves, twigs and other things to make pictures! 

Forest School provides an opportunity for your child to engage with and take in the outdoors, learn new skills and make new friends. Often appealing to children of primary school age, where we explore local areas such as the nature reserve or local school grounds.

Stay n’ Play

Are you looking for somewhere your child can play and have fun, whilst you sit and take the load off with a cup of tea?

If so, why not come and join us at our Stay N’ Play? It’s open to ALL ages and lots of fun activities to explore and play with.

With one of our playworkers leading the session to ensure a range of equipment and activities are available to you, this is a parent supervised session, but rest assured you’ll get a cuppa whilst your child has fun.

Make & Do

Does your young person love to get crafty? Or maybe they’re looking for a new hobby? If so, our Make & Do sessions are crafted perfectly for them.

These sessions do exactly what it says on the tin! In small groups we spend time getting creative and crafty, making all sorts of crafts and pictures. 

Not only does it provide a super fun and interactive experience for your child, it will help them build their social skills, make new friends, and even help to improve their hand skills through cutting, sticking, and colouring.

Skills 4 life

Our Skills 4 Life sessions allow your teen with additional needs to develop their independent living, vocational skills and integrate themselves into the local community.

With a range of topics from shop & cook sessions where your teen will get the opportunity to go out and shop with us in the local area, and prepare and cook their own meal, or even bake their own sweet treat to skills for work and the home.

Not only will they develop skills that will prove effective as they move into adulthood, but it will help them gain confidence and experience in the real world.

Through The Lens

Through The Lens is an exciting and fun opportunity for teenagers to experience during the Summer Holidays! 

Teens are encouraged to snap some photos of different objects and landscapes across the local community, with each session having a different theme. In the past we have captured rainbows, been on scavenger hunts, and tons more!

This is a super fun and engaging photography experience – a chance for your teen to learn new creative skills and maybe even discover a new hobby. Not only that, but it will also help improve their communication and listening skills, and engage with their creativity.

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