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Case Study – Thomas’ Story

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“We were struggling as a family with lockdown and no respite or school due to Covid-19, all of our support stopped suddenly and school said they couldn’t have him despite an EHCP.”

About Thomas

Thomas is 7 years old. He has Autism (ASD), and struggles to understand the world around him. He is often overwhelmed by his senses. Thomas is pre-verbal but tries to communicate and uses AAC. Thomas attends a Specialist school and has a team of professionals including Occupational Therapists, and Speech and Language Therapists to support him.

Thomas has been receiving Occupational Therapy with Alison and Bursting with Potential since he was 3. First at home in collaboration with his parents and more recently he has attended our clinic setting once a week after school and in the school holidays.

What we did to support Thomas

Thomas’ Easter sessions had to be postponed due to Covid-19 and lockdown. However, his parents got in touch with us when a return to school looked uncertain to see what support we could offer. Thomas is using his direct payments along with a privately funded top up to access a bespoke therapy programme in our clinic setting with a team of staff. Thomas has continued to work on his OT goals, as well as literacy and numeracy goals in collaboration with school. He uses attention autism, therapeutic play and multisensory learning to embed this. All underpinned by regulating his sensory needs and developing his communication as guided by the Speech and Language Therapist.

This has provided his parents with opportunity for some much needed respite from caring for his needs. Allowed them time with Thomas’ neurotypical sibling and enabled his father to work.

“We will always be grateful for the role you have played in our child’s development and for the care that you provide.”

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