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Do I Need an Occupational Therapy Assessment?

If you have started to notice difficulties in your child’s performance at school, you may be wondering what to do. For example, your child may be struggling to focus at school, or their behaviour or anxiety may increase at home. They may be easily distracted, avoidant or hyper-active or just have a real inability to focus on the task in hand. If you’ve noticed anything like that, you may need an Occupational Therapy assessment to help understand the issues and support your child.

Alternatively, you may notice that your child struggles with holding a pencil the right way, they can’t erase things completely or struggle with cutting or holding for example. These are tell tale signs of poor motor skills and can really benefit from an Occupational Therapy assessment.

Perhaps your child struggles with typing? They may type slower than their friends at school, or younger siblings. It may be a case of not remembering where the different keys are, or they might not be able to move their fingers correctly. This is another sign that you could need an Occupational Therapy assessment.

Maths is an area where many children struggle at some time. However your child could be struggling with maths because they have a hard time lining up the numbers in the right way, which means solving the equations becomes harder. If you have spoken with the teacher and looked at lesson plans, you may need an occupational therapy assessment as the next step to support and help your child.

What is the purpose of an Occupational Therapy Assessment?

The main purpose of an Occupational Therapy assessment, is to help a child or young person reach their full potential. The assessment will help your child maintain their maximum level of full potential in the home, in the classroom and in the future.

How long does an Occupational Therapy Assessment take?

Occupational Therapy assessments are a uniquely skilled process. They will be completed by a fully trained and qualified occupational therapist. There is no set time that an assessment will take. It could be anything from 20 minutes to a few hours, dependent on the child and the requirements.

If you think you or your child need an Occupational Therapy assessment, then please call us. We will be happy to discuss the assessment in more details to help you fully understand what is involved in the assessment and what happens after the assessment as well.

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