We offer a range of different groups at our clinic and these are available in schools too.

Benefits of children’s group therapy:

✓ Build social skills
✓ Tailored functional improvements for each group
✓ Realise your child may not be the only one experiencing these difficulties
✓ Talk to other parents with similar concerns
✓ Discuss any concerns or issues you may have with therapist
✓ Reduced rate per hour compared to 1:1 therapy

Limited spaces available as we guarantee small groups. A baseline assessment will be offered before and after to evidence improvements.

These programmes are delivered as a group intervention but can also be delivered within schools.

Can We Help You?

Do you struggle to access specialist support and advice for your child as they aren’t in school? We’ve got a daytime intervention group for children who are home educated or not currently accessing education. With a rolling programme including handwriting, hand skills, social skills, and academic skills to support your child to develop their skills.
Are you looking for early intervention therapies to support your child before they start school? Or boost their learning potential? Our Early Intervention group combines group social skills and attention activities into circle time, works on individual goals using the TEACCH approach or workstations, and offers multisensory learning experiences and pre-writing skills to develop your child’s skills and teach parents or nursery staff the techniques to carry over the learning at home or in a setting.
Does your child love Lego? Do they find it difficult to interact with their peers socially? Do they have difficulties with expressive or receptive language? Join Lego Therapy to develop these skills and more in a small and highly supported group that develops with your child.
Are buttons, zips and cutlery a daily struggle? Scissors and pencils avoided? Your child would benefit from one of our Hand Skills interventions to build up their hand strength and progress towards writing skills. Make sure your child has the fundamental foundations first!
Is handwriting a chore? Slow or illegible writing? Want your pen licence? Our Handwriting 2 intervention group focuses on fluency and legibility of handwriting and improves writing speed. We can support you to find the right tools for the job to suit you too!

Lego Therapy

Lego therapy (Legoff, 2004) is a motivating way of developing children’s social communication skills. This system is also an effective way of developing children’s understanding of their own and other’s thoughts and feelings. Our experienced specialist uses lego based group therapy to treat:

  • Social communication difficulties,
  • ASD or Asperger’s syndrome
  • Receptive and/or expressive language difficulties
  • Speech intelligibility difficulties

If you would like discuss whether or not this group would be suitable for your child, or would like to book a place for your child in this group, please contact us or book now. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting Intervention Groups

The programmes have been developed to cover typical fine motor and handwriting difficulties experienced by primary school children.

There are 6 programmes to choose from, arranged in a developmental sequence:

1 – Foundation skills in movement and body awareness;

2 – Hand Skills 1 – Fine Motor Skills;

3 – Hand Skills 2 – Pre-Writing Skills;

4 – Visual Perception;

5 – Handwriting 1 – letter formation

6 – Handwriting 2 – fluency and legibility

Following the group, you will receive a report, containing an outline of how the group has been, a summary of your child’s skills in relation to the activities completed in the group and any recommendations regarding regular therapy or equipment.

Each programme lasts 6 weeks with a 45 minute session per week.

If you are unsure of which programme is suitable for your child, ask us for a screening tool to help you ascertain where your child needs support.

Designed by an Occupational Therapist, delivered by a therapy assistant with a background in Education and SEND.

Early Intervention Group

Early intervention is a collection of therapy and support services that provide children under 6 years old who have disabilities, or who are at risk for developing them, the help they need to succeed later in life. Occupational therapy is one of several services that may be provided as part of early intervention. It benefits children with many specific conditions (e.g., Down syndrome, autism), in addition to children with no clear diagnosis. Occupational therapy can help improve their motor, cognitive, sensory processing, communication, and play skills. The goal is to enhance development, minimise the potential for developmental delay, and help families to meet the needs of their toddlers.

Sessions incorporate a circle time with attention and social skills activities, focused work box activities using the TEACCH approach based on their individual goals and developmental play opportunities, activities to develop motor skills and pre-writing skills to encourage school readiness.

Children can attend with parents/carers or a key worker/1:1 from their preschool setting.

£15 per session

Home Education Intervention Group

A day time intervention group for children not accessing school for whatever reason. Following a programme of fine motor and handwriting skills as well as social skills and lego therapy in short bursts with fun and sensory based activities to increase engagement.

An opportunity to access much needed intervention for your child from a combination of OT, specialist teacher and delivered by an OT assistant.

£15 per 90 minute session, booking required

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