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Our Journey so far…

October marks 6 years of Bursting with Potential! And to celebrate this landmark, we wanted to take you through all of the big landmarks of this small business so far, and how we got to where we are now.

— Our Timeline —

1st October 2016

Alison set up as a sole trader and registered with the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) and the Health and Care Professions Council, (HCPC), as an independent practitioner. The company traded as AWyattOT. You can see Alison’s early logos below:

When she was starting out, Alison completed independent work around her full-time employment as an OT for St Andrews Healthcare. She then transitioned to a part-time contract with NRS Healthcare to build her case load, but by April 2017, she was in a position to go full-time self-employed.

Alison wanted to move away from using her maiden name in the company as she was planning to get married, and her name would change. As the business developed, and with plans to grow even further, Alison felt it was important that the name represented a larger organisation and not just Alison and her name.

1st April 2018

The company registered as a limited company with companies’ house. The company name changed to Breakthrough Therapy Solutions Ltd.

June 2018

Alison recruited her first therapy assistant, to help support Alison whilst she went on Maternity Leave.

February 2019

Alison & Peter found the new premises and set about the sale and purchase process, which due to probate, was longer than first anticipated.

Friday 18th October 2019

Alison & Peter collected the keys for the premises and within the first weekend, transformed the premises to be used from the following Monday. The staff count at this time was: 3 staff. There was Alison, Sue, an Apprentice Administrator and 2 subcontracted OTA’S, which ran groups.

June 2020

The first additional Occupational Therapist was recruited!

July 2020

The first Holiday Club was held!

June 2021

In the process of trademarking the logo and business name, the company were subject to a trademark dispute for the use of the word Breakthrough. In order to avoid costly legal proceedings, at this time Alison was in Hospital with her premature twins too, a decision was made to rebrand to what it is now known as; Bursting with Potential. The limited company name remained the same, so the change was only to the trading name. In terms of design, we kept the style of logo the same so our brand could still be recognised but changed the name.

Throughout 2022

Throughout this year, we saw a gradual staff expansion.

October 2022

And so, to the present day. The brand has expanded and developed to incorporate Bursting with Support and Bursting with Adventure, which has meant the creation and development of new logos. As a sneaky peek, you can see some early drafts below! Also, we are in the process of having our website rebranded/updated to incorporate the new expanded brand.

Our current staff count is: 9 permanent staff, and a team of 5 playworkers for Holiday Clubs.


And that is our journey in a nutshell! What a journey it has been. We are proud to say that we have spent these last 6 years recognising the potential of many children and young people and providing them with specialist assessment and Occupational Therapy.

But our mission doesn’t stop at 6 years; we aspire to continue helping as many children and young people as possible to lead inclusive and fulfilling lives through the power of Occupational Therapy.

And, to celebrate this, we are holding a Sensory Festival from the 22nd of October to the 4th of November! To book our events, please use the following link:

And, we are also holding a Free Open Day later this month too! Booking is required for this event. For more information about our Open Day, click here:

Want to learn more about what an Occupational Therapy session involves? You can read our blog which discusses that here:

Alternatively, if you have any other questions about what we do, or are seeking support, you can contact us via phone on 01733 223720 or email us at:

Thank you for your continued support.

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