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What does an Occupational Therapy Session involve?

Therapy at Bursting with Potential, is tailored specifically to the individual child’s needs, which are frequently complex. All therapists and therapy assistants, spend considerable time both before and after sessions creating a detailed plan for the session and a record of each session, as well as setting targets and providing resources for practice between sessions. The cost of this time is reflected broadly in the cost setting. However, therapists are also available (within reason) for contact by email or telephone between sessions at no extra charge.

A session at Bursting with Potential consists of direct and indirect therapy:

Direct Therapy

Bursting with Potential aims to provide direct therapy (face to face contact with a child) for 40 – 50 minutes in each session, as deemed appropriate by the therapist. During a session, the therapist will constantly monitor a child’s attentiveness and energy levels to ensure that the child is fully engaged with the activities. If these levels begin to fade before the full 40 – 50 minutes, the therapist may occasionally decide to finish the direct therapy at that point.

It is important to bear in mind that therapy can be hard work for some young children, and overtiring them may well be counter-productive. Bursting with Potential wants children to enjoy their therapy in order to ensure maximum levels of motivation and progress.

Indirect Therapy

In certain situations, such as a school or home visit, therapy sessions will also consist of 10 – 20 minutes of indirect therapy. This is where the therapist discusses, and models in detail, the activities to be undertaken between sessions by a parent and / or teacher / teaching assistant. This is a vital part of the therapeutic process because a child will progress much more rapidly if activities are carried out correctly between sessions. Frequent practice is vital to a child’s progress, in the same way that learning a new musical instrument requires short but regular practice sessions. It is therefore essential that the therapist advises on that.

Bursting with Potential HQ

Our therapy centre, Bursting with Potential HQ, has 3 rooms that can be used to individualise your child’s programme. The Thunberg Room is our sensory room, with padded sections, several swings and other sensory equipment to complete sensory circuits or sensory integration programmes. The Dahl Suite is our therapy room, with a multitude of layouts available to suit your needs, this room has the bubble tube and will be having a projector installed soon, so is perfect for immersive therapy experiences, as well as small group sessions or using equipment for motor skills programmes. The Radcliffe room is our group room, with tables and a workstation, this room is used for our handwriting and lego therapy groups and for specialist teacher interventions, it also doubles as a meeting room. We also have a kitchenette for making drinks and snacks and for independent living skills sessions.

If you’d like to know more about the therapies that Bursting with Potentials is able to offer, or about OT intervention please get in touch with Alison.

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